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Why Google Ads

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Why Google Ads
Why Google Ads

Pay Only for Results- Explore the world of Google Ads with Ingold Solutions

We are a Google-certified agency that provides full-scale campaign management complete with analytics and technical support. By choosing us, you can expect the following:

Out and Out Service

From creating an account to dispatching invoices from Google and keeping a track of payments, we provide exhaustive services to your company.

A Complete Range of Activities

Whether you want to advertise on search engines or promote your brand or want to boost your sales, we will implement each one of your advertising goals.

Observing and Reporting

At Ingold Solutions, we provide our clients with the assurance of monitoring results, precise monthly reports, campaign control, and on-demand website analysis.

Useful Analysis

Our Google-certified specialists will prepare your competition analysis with accurate data on the number of inquiries being generated about your products or brand.


We guarantee continuous optimization of keywords and rates, thereby, expanding their base and complete optimization of adverting texts.

No Restrictions

For us, there are no limits we consider when it comes to your campaigns. If needed, we will place a practically unlimited number of keywords, texts, images, or video ads in them.

A Full Range of Possibilities

Our specialists use APIs such as scripts and Google Ads and are adept at all types of advertising in Google Ads ranging from behavioral targeting, remarketing, mobile campaigns to advertising in Gmail and YouTube.

Global Campaigns

We have the expertise to create campaigns for you in any language, targeted anywhere across the world that is available in Google Ads (AdWords).

A full range of Google Ads Service

Ingold Solutions is one of the very few agencies that have the expertise in all areas of Google Ads.
We can run the following campaigns on this platform:


We will target the users of the largest Search Engine that searches for products or services related to your business offerings.


Google Display Network has an agreement with over 2 million pages wherein we can specifically target your audience with graphic, text, and video ads.


We will create ads to target those users who have visited your website but have not made a purchase yet.


We will send your offers to the recipient of the largest e-mail system in the world.


Smartphones command almost half of the queries that Google receives. Our professionals at Ingold know the right ways to reach them.


Ingold has access to the latest system functions. With us, you will have an advantage over your competitors.


Our team consists of skilled and certified professionals, specializing in Google Ads. We have persistent Google audits that confirm our skills in every sector of Google Ads. So, with us, you can be assured of quality services from knowledgeable professionals. At Ingold Solutions, the campaign budget can be modified, so it is you who has the control over advertising expenses. To know about our services in-depth, get in touch with us today!

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