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Create Mesmerizing, Branded Emails and Look Like a Pro with Mailchimp

Are you struggling to generate revenue with email marketing or the recent GDPR are hampering your subscriber count?

Do not worry yourself any further.

Email automation platforms like Mailchimp help businesses to manage their mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns and automation that are sent to your target customers.

At Ingold Solutions, our email marketing specialists have the required expertise to work with the largest email marketing platform in the world- Mailchimp. With 61% of the market share in the UK, this platform has all features you will need to scale and boost your business growth.

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It does not matter if you are a seasoned email marketing campaigner or new to the world of email marketing, Ingold Solutions’ Mailchimp services will enable you to make the most of your mail list along with top-quality content for your subscribers.


Newsletter Designing and Building

We excel in designing and building Mailchimp newsletters. Our team ensures that the templates we design resonate with your brand and promotes engagement among your audience. All our designs are modular, responsive, and versatile which allows you to add your content and build your campaigns effectively.

We will ensure that the templates we build align with your desired goals. Whether you want to update your customers on simple news, or promote your products/ services to them, or convert ideas into new designs, we are here to help you.

eCommerce Automation

Mailchimp enables you to build self-operating newsletters that respond to the activities of your website visitors and work behind the scenes automatically.

From lapsed client emails to abandoned cart responses, our email marketing experts will help you to create events that are functional and increase subscriber engagement with your brand.

Training & Mentoring

Do you already have a Mailchimp account but struggle to find your way around it? Do not worry! We are pleased to offer you, our assistance. Our in-house Mailchimp experts will train you to help explore the potential of the platform, and how you can apply it effectively to add value to your business.

Here at Ingold Solutions, we understand that all businesses are unique. So, we provide tailored mentoring/training on specific elements that enables you to create successful business campaigns.

Website Integration

Mailchimp is easy to integrate with almost any given website. So, if you are planning to save time with an automated signup process, or you wish to add a well-designed, customized signup form, you can call us. We will design and build an integration that captures all the important customer information and help you achieve your goals with guaranteed results.


With the power of both Mailchimp and Google AdWords, we help you to create marketing campaigns that hold the attention of your visitors after they have left your website without engaging. This ensures you do not miss out on any important conversion.

Mailchimp Audit

If you want, our team can review your Mailchimp account. From general setup and list status to template design and subscriber health, we will audit everything for you.

Our Mailchimp email marketing experts will get your message out to the target audience and keep your campaigns out of the spam folder.

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