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Rule The World of Social Media With Our Empowering Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is the process of creating and publishing content on social media to connect with your audiences, promote your products or services, build your brand, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales. A social media marketing campaign involves posting quality content on your social media profiles, interacting, and engaging with your followers, in-depth analysis of your result, and running social media advertisements.

At Ingold Solutions, Our Hubspot-certified social media professionals offer comprehensive social media marketing solutions. We help to run your business page across all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. Our services include channel monitoring and engaging your social media community in dialogue by providing them with interesting and engaging content. We help you to define your business goals and develop a strategy that fits in most appropriately.


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How Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns Work?

Page Creation

Our certified professionals will help you to set up a business page and pack it with content and graphics.


We will keep a close look and ensure that your social media accounts bring you results in the form of good communication with your community or by generating sales.

Running the Website

We will create and publish new content for all your social media channels and provide ongoing service, communication, and updates.

Special Activities

We will help you earn followers and engage them with activities by preparing and promoting contests and other special online events.


We will change all the graphic images such as profile photos, background photos, or target graphics that you want to post, as per requirement.


We maintain an ongoing moderation and tracking of comments made by your followers.

Business Page- Action Strategy

In the initial months of cooperation, our team will design a professional action strategy for you. This will enable us to carry out all the activities on the business page effectively and more tailored to industry standards.

Competition Analysis

We will research in-depth the business pages of your competitors and their social media communications.


We will define everything related to your posts- the style, the delivery, and the graphic that is to be communicated to your followers.


We will define the optimal goal of activities and the specific result we want to attain together with you.

Target Audience

We will determine potential recipients of your content and how you can reach them.


Our team of professional experts will guide you with valuable suggestions, which on the application will have a positive impact on your business page.

How Much Will It Cost You?

We offer our clients the opportunity to choose any of our packages as per their goals and needs. Each of our packages differs in the amount of work performed with specific types of activities. Our dedicated team of certified professionals give 100% commitment to delivering your requirements, irrespective of what package you choose.

Our Packages:


Agency Cost


650 € Per month + VAT


750 € Per month + VAT


950 € Per month + VAT

Ad Spend Included 180 € 300 € 400 €
Social Media Channel Set up 2 Social Media Channel 3 Social Media Channel 4 Social Media Channel
Post Per week 3 Post per week 4 Post per Week 7 Posts per week
Business Page Content Writing 1 1 1
Cover Photo Creation 1 1 1
Number of Cover Photos 1 2 4
Posts written & designed by us 1 1 1
Unique graphics & content 1 1 1
Tailored strategy 1 1 1
Monthly statistics & report 1 1 1
Contact 4 Months 6 Months 6 Months
  Choose your Plan Choose your Plan Choose your Plan

* Please note that the client's need to allocate the budget for the paid campaign

Why Should You Choose Ingold Solutions?

At Ingold Solutions, our social media specialists are HubSpot certified and are at par with the latest advancements in technology. Our vast experience in social media and PR, unmatched creativity, and extensive knowledge of the latest technologies help us elevate the quality of our deliverables. We guarantee accurate reports, access to the account, and statistics to keep all our actions, fair and transparent. Our team keeps track of any changes in social media trends and has the required expertise in building communication with modern internet users. We plan your campaigns strategically by analyzing which social media platform best fits your business type and has the maximum number of your target audience to ensure your objectives are met successfully.

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