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Web Development
Web Development

Scalable, Agile, and Cost-Effective Web Development Solution Tailored to Meet Your Business Goals

Stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business with a fully optimized and responsive website. Ingold Solutions, certified Adobe Bronze Solution Partner is the trusted provider of Magento B2B & B2C ecommerce solutions. Catering to a wide customer base across European market, we offer 360° solutions including IT services & digital innovations, to simplify businesses & client relations

What is Web or Website Development?

Website Development refers to the tasks associated with building and maintenance of websites for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). It includes every aspect that contributes to making an impactful website such as web design, web programming, web publishing, and database management. 

The process of web development can be classified into two groups:

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
Frontend Development

The front end is the ‘client side' part of the website. It is the process of developing an attractive graphical user interface using HTML, CSS, Java, Bootstrap, etc. so that the users can easily view and interact with your website.

Backend Development

Backend is the ‘server side’ of a website that users cannot see and interact with. It focuses on APIs, backend logic, databases, and other behind-the-scenes activities that take place when any action is being performed on a website. It is primarily used to store and arrange website data.

Our Website Development Services:

Website is the very foundation of your digital business hence it is extremely critical to get it right. Our team of seasoned web development experts ensures that your website gets everything best in terms of site architecture, content, design, styling, functionality and integrates it with your marketing and other applications. We help you to organize and maintain all your digital marketing assets as per your digital marketing strategy.

Custom Application Development

We build custom applications that enable companies to grow faster, serve better and save smarter. Through business process management, automation, and integrated systems we create unique advantages that help your business to grow. We use:

  • PHP/ node.js
  • CodeIgnitor, Laravel
  • MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB/MS-SQL/PostgreSQL
Customer Relationship Management

It is important to manage your existing customers and keep a track of new opportunities to grow your online business. We help you to engage with every individual who encounters your website. Through our marketing automation, we ensure that contextual touchpoints take place without any manual interference.

Content Management System

Like your website, the Content Management System (CMS) should be unique too. Our experienced professionals understand how a website is built, the underlying technology, and integrate it with enterprise applications. We will guide you to choose solutions that best serve your business needs and implement them with perfection to give your website life.


To have an online eCommerce store ready and running, it needs to extend and work seamlessly with Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, CRM, A/B testing, marketing automation, Accounting/ERP, Re-marketing, Third-party APIs (Inventory, PoS, Payments, Shipping), etc. We help you with the entire marketing stack and technology. Some platforms we work with are Magento 1 and 2 and Shopify.

Application Maintenance

Technology is changing at a rapid pace every year. Our advanced web development experts provide a comprehensive application maintenance service to ensure that your software stays relevant and updated. Besides, taking care of basic maintenance, we also provide you consultation on the proactive developments. This confirms that your software remains at the cutting edge of technology.

Outsourced Product Development

As your outsourced product development partner, Ingold Solutions provides end-to-end product development lifecycle management. Our team takes up the entire responsibility of brainstorming, developing, designing, testing, and maintaining your product. Our agile methodologies are ideal for better product-market-fit and iterative development.

Legacy Application Migration

If you want, we will migrate your old software to the new digital technology stack to ensure the scalability and extensibility of your website in the fast-evolving technology landscape. Our team will re-engineer the software so that it benefits from the competitive advantages brought in by cloud, mobile, social platforms, and analytics advantage.

API Development

In today’s connected world, it has become important that your applications talk to each other. This creates scope for rework, a manual interchange between systems, and controls repetition. Our team will build a secure, strong, and scalable Application Programming Interface (API) to empower the world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and tap the unlimited world of opportunities that these connected applications bring with them.

Our extensive experience empowers us to serve businesses of all sizes and types and a diverse range of industries. We have helped multiple companies by creating powerful websites with excellent design and bringing their vision to life. Based on your business goals and profit expectations, we will offer customized yet cost-effective web development services that will redefine your business.

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