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Adobe Commerce B2B
Adobe Commerce B2B

Empowering B2B Businesses Across Industries with Advanced Adobe Commerce Development Solutions

Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) has been released with significant new functionalities which include a full suite of native Magento B2B features, advanced reporting, performance, and deployment enhancements, and more.

Adobe specifically focuses on B2B online sales growth, it is because there has been a major shift from legacy systems and catalog-only sales to online platforms, and almost 1/3 of clients already use Adobe Commerce B2B (powered by Magento).

Since there has been a drastic change in buyers’ attitudes, it is expected that there will be a substantial rise in demand for Adobe Commerce in the B2B industries, as merchants strive to benefit from the new and leading B2B features made available. Ingold Solutions, an Adobe Bronze Partner offers streamlined Adobe Commerce services, that helps B2B vendors to upscale their business and see profit.

Adobe Commerce: The benefit to Merchants:

  • It allows merchants to manage and sell to companies with multiple buyers in layered organizational structures with diversified levels of authority.
  • It enables merchants to organize buyers based on their company structure and assign roles and permissions accordingly.
  • It offers optimal flexibility by letting merchants negotiate pricing in different ways, thereby ensuring the buyers are happy and satisfied.
  • It drives recurring revenue along with rapid and favorable ordering.
  • It helps to create requisition lists for products that are purchased frequently.
  • It lets merchants define a minimum amount and expiration date for each quote offered.

Adobe Commerce: Benefits for Buyers

  • Buyers can quickly add products to the cart by uploading a list of SKUs.
  • It offers buyers full transparency with a complete history of logged actions.
  • It allows buyers to make purchases on credit.
  • Buyers can track their available credit.
  • Right from the initial request through order completion, with an intuitive ‘Request a Quote’ interface and streamlined workflow, it enables buyers to manage the quoting process with ease.
  • Buyers can ask for custom discounts on sets of products.
  • Buyers can easily track order statuses.

Why Should You Choose Ingold Solutions for Your B2B Adobe Commerce Services?

As Magento 2 has now consolidated to Adobe, it is needed for both businesses and customers to stay connected through an exceptional digital interface curated to deliver better experiences. Whether yours is a company that direct sales to customers or is involved in a channel of sales, Ingold Solutions is an Adobe Bronze partner that offers tailor-made solutions that particularly serve your business needs.

With our sophisticated and defined digital commerce expertise, we assure our clients with completely customized and optimized solutions to help their business grow. We cater to a range of businesses across varied industries to meet your specialized requirements with the application of Adobe Commerce Solutions. Our team of highly creative and knowledgeable certified experts will guide you to plan your eCommerce development, implementation, and system integration. We use high-tech solutions to help you leverage the most advanced Magento 2 capabilities. Every solution we plan is designed to meet your business needs for today and tomorrow.

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