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Upgrade to Adobe eCommerce

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Upgrade to Adobe eCommerce
Upgrade to Adobe eCommerce

If You Are Still Developing Your Site Using Magento 1, It Is Time to Stop!

Powering over 200,000 sites and generating almost $50 billion in annual sales, Magento is the most successful open-source eCommerce platform available.

Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) takes the boundaries of these possibilities to the next level. It provides a high-speed development environment with an advanced code stack and optimized coding that enables us to create responsive, scalable, and powerful eCommerce sites for you.

To have a successful and seamless development process and launch, it is critical to choose the right partner to associate with, for your migration or new Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) development project. As an Adobe Bronze member, Ingold Solutions has certified professionals who have the required expertise to develop a top-notch eCommerce website.

Why Should You Upgrade to Adobe Commerce?

  • Adobe Commerce takes the margin of possibilities even further!
  • Varnish & Full-Page Cache
  • Guest and two-step checkouts
  • Easier maintenance and upgrades with more security
  • Multiple databases and table performance
  • Content staging and preview
  • Narrowed JavaScript libraries
  • Upgraded B2B User experience
  • Enhanced default theme
  • And many more features

Our Adobe Commerce Migration Services:

At Ingold Solutions, our migration path consists of 3 processes:


Adobe has launched a new Marketplace, especially for Adobe Commerce. It is likely, that most of the well-known M1 extensions that merchants prefer using nowadays have already been redeveloped for the new platform.

To make sure that the vendors update their extensions to the Adobe Commerce format, Adobe is actively reaching out to them. Even though Marketplace is expanding its extensions rapidly, if the module you need is not available then we can build it specifically for you.

Themes and Customizations

Just like extensions, the present M1 themes will not function in Adobe Commerce. All the existing code is required to be refactored and rewritten from scratch. The advantages are:

  • Themes will be based on the latest best practices
  • High-speed performance
  • Substantial adherence to Google’s requirements
  • A general increase in usability
Data Migration

For the data migration, Adobe has specifically developed a flexible data migration tool to help with migrating key data sets from M1 to Adobe Commerce. Primarily, it is a command-line tool that connects to a database that is configured to hold M1 data.

Prior to running the initial data migration tool, our team will guide you to decide which data needs to be migrated and how to determine that in the best possible way. It allows you to clear up and eliminate repetitions.

Once we are done with the initial data migration process, we will use the delta migration facility to merge the gap between the last data import and any new information that comes across. This enables merchants to take M1 data and perform the initial import much ahead of time.

As a leading eCommerce platform migration and development company, Ingold Solutions offers seamless and hassle-free Adobe eCommerce migration services at cost-effective rates.

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