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Custom Web Development
Custom Web Development

Delivering Advanced Custom Web Applications for Businesses That Want to Stand Out

Do you want to stand out among your competitors? Are you looking to build a website that reflects your brand value and essence? If the answer is yes, we’ve got you covered!

Custom Web Development means the website is tailor-made for your brand, company, or product. They are specifically curated for your target audience group thereby giving you an edge over your competitors. Features like fonts, layouts, and colors are developed to amplify your online brand. As a leading Custom Web Development company, we specialize in designing interactive, scalable, robust, and business-ready custom web solutions. We aim to deliver profitable digital products engineered to spark creativity and boost business returns.


Why Should You Choose Ingold Solutions as Your Custom Website Design and Development Partner?

As a recognized web development company, at Ingold Solutions we tailor our process as per the requirement of our clients. We believe in thinking big, following the latest technology trends, and designing a smart web app that runs seamlessly on every device. While working on a project we keep the mind the following key points:

High Performance

The time taken to load a page plays a key role in maintaining the overall performance of a website. We reduce HTTP requests and maintain a cookie-free domain to keep the speed to a minimum and use SSD hosting to maintain the speed.


Customized website development gives you the benefit of choosing which technologies you want your website to be developed on. In later stages, this can also help you in scaling your business and keep your website updated for future business necessities.


An unprotected website can spread malware and cause a security risk to customers. Our team of seasoned website developers creates websites that are highly secure so that your customers can browse your site with peace of mind and trust your website with their information.

Agile Methodology

At Ingold Solutions, we develop our projects by following the agile approach. It eradicates time-sucks, performs frequent sanity checks, and ensures that you don’t invest excessive time on things that don’t add value to the project.

Custom Web Development, Programming, and Design Services by Us:

Website Development

We include both front-end and back-end development in our custom web development services. Whether it is architecting an enterprise application or upgrading your existing application, our team of dedicated developers will do it all for you.

Responsive Design

To ensure that not a single customer feels lost, we design websites for you that are responsive on every device. Our responsive website acknowledges the user’s behavior and their environment based on the platform, screen size, orientation they are in.

Hire Web Developer/Team

Hire the best of the industry’s website developers to get the solution to the most complex business issues. Whether you want to hire web developers or custom website developers to build your website from scratch, we have proficient staffs to cater to your requirements.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps respond faster than native app. It allows your business to offer cached app content that users browse during poor internet connectivity.

Third-Party Integration

With our integration services, you will get real-time access to third-party systems. It will ensure that your website functions seamlessly and help you to track its success by analyzing the popular section of your website.

Software Development

We automate time-consuming processes with our Custom Software development solutions. Besides increasing the productivity of your system, we also help you to gain quick financial returns.

QA & Testing

Unlike most application development agencies, at Ingold Solutions we take the steps to detect data breaches with extreme seriousness. We follow OWASP's Top 10 security concerns for our web application development. To avoid long-term issues, our dedicated web developers monitor and respond to the attacks instantly.

Support and Maintenance

Our custom web development services include ongoing support and maintenance of your website. Our process allows us to review all the web pages, health checks, and optimization so that we can provide the best opportunity for you to gain additional incremental traffic.

Consulting and Business Analysis

With our comprehensive business analysis, we will track the growth of your organization. Our team of web development experts will analyze your current business challenges, and opportunities to help boost your overall growth.

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