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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

So, you have a great idea or product to sell. But so do 50 others - and standing out means perfecting the herculean task of brand building, email campaigning, lead tracking, and data analysing. Statistics suggest that at least 90% of consumers are looking up your business online before making a transaction decision. This leaves you with a choice between innovation and extinction, leaving little chance of survival without aggressive, calculated marketing campaigns.

But what if you could sit back and relax while our marketing wizards seamlessly executed every aspect of this complex task?

We know crushing competition can be demanding, expensive, and time consuming - leaving little energy to focus on other goals. Leave it to our strong, creative teams to create result driven custom campaigns for any business or industry to skyrocket your sales by at least 150%



Here's how we deliver what we promise:

What exactly can we do to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website?
Get Instant Visibility with Paid Campaigns

From an extensive keyword research targeting customers down the funnel to creating interactive design principles that have proven to work, you can count on us to ensure your long or short term PPC or Pay-per-Click campaign hits the targeted revenue goal without stretching the budget. Be it Google ad or Bing, you can count on us to make every click count for the targeted demographics.

We make google love your brand

Our search engine experts know how Google's metrics work inside out to devise a SEO Service Strategy for keyword ranking curated for your brand just for the right audience, be it local or global. Our approach is driven by data, tested thoroughly to work, and delivered in less time with maximum output to make your brand visible to the right people.

Content That Converts

Keeping visitors educated, informed, and engaged via quality content is the key to turn them into loyal customers. Lucky for you, our Content Marketing squad have mad writing skills to craft compelling content that converts. We optimise reading materials keeping the latest industry trends and consumer demands as basic parameters.

Cloud Solution Simplified

Relocation of your valuable data can be highly complex and time consuming without a 100% secure cloud infrastructure. Therefore, our sophisticated Website Migration Support services makes no compromise on quality, making this process safe and seamless with top notch technology developed by pioneers and trusted by thousands of big businesses across the globe.

Create Conversations That Capture

Lead nurturing through inbox is one of the best ways to reach and teach consumers about your product that requires smart strategizing, meticulous research, behaviour analysis, and competitor study. Our Email Marketing blueprint is implemented by fortune 500 companies and designed to Target, Nurture, sell to the right customers by building valuable, lasting relations.

Zero Negative Impact

Get full control over your reputation that not just creates an unbeatable positive impact but shoots up your brand value swiftly. Our Online Reputation Management Service team works diligently to protect and restore your online image. We have the perfect tricks up our sleeve to clean up every mess - be it a poor review or hard-hitting criticism, leaving it unaddressed can drive potential buyers away; and need to be taken care of.

Blow Your Profits with Digital Blueprints

No matter what your business needs to grow, we have a custom-made Digital PR Services tailored to deliver high impact solutions that scale and supercharge your organization. No matter how you choose to digitize your business, there is little scope for success to survive cut-throat competition without going online. Get discovered by customers who matter - ones who are already down the sales funnel.

Improved Sales Journey

We bring more to the table than a boring sales pitch. Gone are those days when buyers were cutting cheques after hearing a scripted dialogue. At Ingold, we follow a clear-cut Conversion rate optimization strategy that works - using behaviour monitoring tools, powerful CTCs, visually delightful interactions, and much more. This way, we help you create meaningful and captivating journeys for all visitors.

Smart tools for bottom line revenue

Selling can be quite a struggle, especially for small or medium sized businesses with low budget and little expertise in this field. This is where Web analytics services come to your rescue. We love data; leave it to us to measure, collect, analyse, outline, deliver - everything needed to drive traffic into your business and create a lasting impression for all customers.

How we leverage digital tools to help brands get discovered

Remarket, retarget, reconnect

Getting a ton of traffic sounds awesome - but it is no good unless these visitors who have previously had some interaction with your web page are potential customers. Search engines like Google and Edge utilize user cookies to extract behavioural data such as timing, demographics, and interaction points to connect with such users by strategically positioning ad campaigns. We execute such campaigns to get the best of your money - our core value lies in making businesses grow by delivering data driven decisions for your brand’s success.

Click rate optimisation (CRO)

Having a buyer centric approach is an essential step to create loyal customers who are not just a steady source of revenue but will help you get more buyers in the future. This is made possible by analysing what drives and persuades your buyers - such as signing up for a newsletter or webinar, adding a product to cart, and even opening an email. Reaching the conversion goal can be made easier with the best research tools including Google Experiments or Visual Web Organisation to identify obstacles in user journey and eliminate them.

A digital Blueprint to create unforgettable impression

We help set business in the right direction with a digital blueprint to get new customers, onboard existing ones, increase reachability, improve communication. The applications and potentials of building a digital ecosystem within the organisation are vast irrespective of the enterprise - be it traditional industries such as automobile, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, and agriculture or newer ones like gaming, cryptocurrency, and smartphones. No matter what the size of the industry is- small, mid-level, or big- digital growth is no longer an option for many. Small and mid-level businesses cannot survive without digitally redefining their strategies. Therefore, we leverage the absolute best tool to execute your task, hire the most efficient writers, and have a dedicated team of marketers to scale your ROI.

A simple B2B & B2C strategy that works every time:

Set goals

  • Create brand awareness: Strategically align your business with your values, beliefs, and personality to which your potential customers can relate with.
  • Increase engagement: Define & communicate a powerful vision of the company so that audience can relate and engage with it.
  • Convert potential buyers: Strategy to convert potential buyers into loyal customers.
  • Work on customer loyalty: Building plans to retain customers to generate repeat business thus offering high returns on the time.

Analyse and audit

  • Study customer behaviour: Studying customer behaviour to ensure that you're getting the most out of your marketing budget
  • Analyse competitors: Assessing strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, which further helps developing strategic context to identify opportunities
  • Keep track of digital/industry trends: Keeping up with industry trends to serve customers better.
  • Analyse current brand positioning: In-depth analysis of the way a company's current brand is perceived by the marketplace.

Convert leads to buyers

  • Paid ad campaigns: Running highly targeted paid ad campaigns by placing ads for keywords and bring in high-quality traffic to your website.
  • Search engine optimization: Running effective optimization campaigns to get higher rankings on search engines which in turn creates a larger target audience.
  • Social media channels: Reaching out to the wider audience and build a social presence to which millennials can connect.
  • Email marketing: Targeting your audience and customers through email to boost conversions and revenue

Plan and manage

  • Deadline and budget: Deliver quality work while balancing a budget and sticking to a deadline.
  • Resource allocation: Optimal allocation of resources to accomplish project goals with utmost efficiency
  • Manage deliverables: Sticking to strict deadline to make sure deliverables are effective from both qualitative & quantitative approach


  • CRMs: Strategizing the plans of customer connection, streamline processes, and improve profitability
  • Content calendars: Preparing calendar about when and where you plan to publish upcoming content.
  • Report tracking: Keeping a tab on how the marketing strategy is performing
  • Campaign maintenance: Planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative to accomplish a goal


  • Sales funnel tracking: Understanding the journey from your prospect's first contact with you until a completed purchase
  • Social media supervision: Keeping a watch on the brand’s performance in social media 
  • Web interaction analysis: Keeping a tab on the interactions done through web, which includes subscriptions, check-ins, and many more
  • Email campaign: Running and evaluating email campaigns to promote your products, communicate with your customers and reach your business goals.
  • ROI measurement: Measure ROI on per period basis and on rates to evaluate if any investment is worth making.
  • Performance tracking: Measure, test, and revise ads based on how users interact with the online campaigns and thus evaluating its success.

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