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Video advertising on Google

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Video advertising on Google
Video advertising on Google

Looking for an effective advertising campaign on YouTube, one of the largest video sites?

Congratulations! You have just landed yourself on the right page.

At Ingold Solutions our Google Ads certified professionals are YouTube campaign experts and have the immersive knowledge of Google Ads.

A to Z YouTube video advertising

We can either work with their existing content or create new content for the clients, as they wish.

Establishment of a channel

If you don’t have an existing YouTube channel, we can start from the scratch by enlisting your business on YouTube.


We will listen to your business goals and requirements and prepare an action plan tailored to your individual needs.


We provide you with measurable effects which you can check in Google Analytics anytime you want.


Our experts know exactly which element of online advertising can bring what specific effects. With us you will earn more!

Advertising On YouTube

In our campaigns, we utilize all the probabilities and advertising formats that YouTube offers. Have a look at what we can do to boost up your brand recognition:

Display ads

These ads are displayed above the list of proposed items to the right of the movie. Usually, for larger players the ad appears below the video.

Sponsored Cards

Sponsored Cards display content that may be related to your video such as the products you are showing in the video.

Advertising Overlays

It is a semi-transparent banner-like advertisement that is visible in lower 20% of the video’s screen. These ads can be image or a text.

Advertising Bumpers

These are non-skippable video ads that plays up to 6 seconds before the video starts playing.

Non-Skippable video ads

In these type of video ads, the main video begins only after the ad runs fully.

Skippable Video ads

Viewers may skip these video ads after 5 seconds. These ads may appear before, during or after a video.


In this your brand ads are displayed on the YouTube Homepage. These provide reach to a wide audience.

Brand Lift

In this you simply need to pay for the display advertisements and the system in addition examines the increase in brand recognition.

Our Team works for those who..

Require Professionalism

When you choose us, you entrust your campaign in good hands. Your campaign is taken care by our experienced specialists who have mastered online advertising over the years.

Expect an individual approach

We will provide you with a Dedicated Account Manager who will have a detailed learning of your needs and goals and conduct the campaign in accordance with them.

Need Specific Results

Our team knows exactly what actions will help us to achieve the goals that you have set for us. Our efforts reflect on the effects our work brings.

Looking for additional knowledge

Our knowledge is an open book to our clients, and we gladly share it if you want us to. Ask us for consultation or training and check what we can offer you.

When you choose Ingold Solutions as your YouTube Campaign Partner, you get the freedom to decide how much you want your level of expenses to look like. You can freely modify the budget and campaign to suit your business needs.

Do not worry, our team of paid ad experts will advise you on how you can allocate your campaign budget to derive maximum results through effective advertising forms.

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