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Convert Data into Customizable Reports with Google Data Studio Experts

Data is crucial to every business. But, for effective decision-making, all you need is a customised and informative report that clearly highlights the status of your business.  With Google Data Studio, businesses can process data in a more usable manner.

Today, when the web is overflowed with raw data from multiple sources, integrating those in a strategic format has become a business imperative.  To adopt an omni channel marketing approach, there’s a growing need for accurate tracking and data analytics.

What our Data Studio Experts can do for you

We help you to make the most of your data by using Data Studio. Being the certified Data studio experts, we can integrate data coming from multiple sources into a usable, insight-driven dashboards.

With proven expertise in Data Studio and Analytics, we can perfectly cater to your needs irrespective of how complex  they may be.  

Avail bespoke Data Studio Solutions from our Experts

Custom Analytics Integration

Google Data Studio is crucial in making data useful, and available to stakeholders at all levels. Custom Analytics integration helps you glean more insights from raw data by processing them in an intuitive dashboard. In the standard Google Analytics UI, where custom elements are less, preparing intuitive reporting dashboards becomes a challenge.

Omni-Channel Reporting

In today’s multi-channel world, businesses attempt to reach customers at every touchpoint of their online journey. To facilitate this, our team can expedite cross-channel tracking to determine the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Supermetrics for PPC Tracking

Consistencies in reports can be a challenge especially with ad platforms operating at varied attribution models. If you are investing in multiple ads channel, Data studio experts can help you achieve consistency and provide you with conversion information, by teaming up with supermetrics.

Enriched eCommerce Data

With Data Studio, you can access valuable eCommerce information from multiple sources, which further enables you to get a detailed understanding of customer shopping behavior. With the help of Google Data Studio, you can process multiple raw data into intuitive reports, which gives detailed insight into customer behavior. It facilitates better decision making, improve user experience and maximize conversion rates.

Goal Segmentation

Data Studio can be utilised to extract more detailed perspective from your “goal segmentation” tracking. This process will further help you to determine your campaign’s and product set’s value.

Leverage the Ingold Experience!

We understand that data is a business imperative. Moreover, companies these days are working with Analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Search Console, third party applications along with their own CRM and custom data analysis platforms. Quite obviously getting data from so many sources and processing it become a challenge. Leveraging our bespoke Data Studio solutions  you can process all data into compatible and usable reports.

Irrespective of where you are in your data analysis journey, we can help. Our Data Studio services are tailored to stakeholder’s requirements. We display your data just the way you want and advise you on how you can use this data in the best possible way.

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