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Google Ads Account Audit

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Google Ads Account Audit
Google Ads Account Audit

Optimize your Google Ads Campaign with Ingold Solutions

Each point in the Ads audit is an indication of an error or a suggesting an improvement to a solution that already exists. Our recommendations are backed by the expertise our Google ads certified professionals hold, by handling hundreds of our clients. Our Ads audit tests the efficacy and efficiency of advertising and keeps you informed about new products that are worth testing.

Enhancing the Campaign Quality

Auditing a campaign is the very first step that should be taken into consideration to improve its results. This implementation will translate into better ad matching, cheaper clicks, and conversion optimization.

Conversions that is cheaper

Account optimization based on audit enables you to reduce those areas that are generating overly expensive conversions and build up those segments in which the campaign is converting the best.

Less Budget Leakage

Ads Audit enables you to determine and improve areas where your budget is being spent senselessly or with minimum effect. By examining the effectiveness of advertising, we ensure the money you save is utilized on improving other aspects of the campaign.

Latest Solutions

We depend on the latest solutions offered by Google to boost the quality of the campaign and use AI technology that delivers better results.

Our auditing services includes the following:

At Ingold Solutions, a Google ads certified partner agency, our team of experts begin the auding process with a thorough account analysis. Based on the analysis, we prepare a document that consists of information about the current balance along with practical recommendations.

  • We develop custom campaign audits from scratch which are unique and are specially curated for specific account. However, we mostly mention issues such as:
  • The accurateness of the account structure- the division of words into ad groups and campaigns.
  • the correctness of the selected word division strategy within the group and the division of keywords.
  • Keeping imported goals, conversion codes, and correct implementation in check.
  • Analysis of the quality and quantity of the keywords, the selected attribution model and match types.
  • Exclusion of campaign / group / keyword list.
  • The quantity and quality of your ad extensions.
  • Matching of keywords, ads, and landing page.
  • Factors considered by Google in determining its Quality Score
  • Analyzing the bid setting i.e., choosing the optimal bidding strategy and providing recommendations for testing it.
  • Campaign settings analysis - identifying errors and good practices. Checking and recommending all possible settings at the campaign level. 

Why Choose Ingold for your Google Ads Account Audit Services?

Our Google ads certified experts verify the effects of the campaign

For your Google Ads audit we will check whether there has been an abuse in terms of generating conversions and their value, if the existing contractor honestly accounts for his work and whether the traffic is real or generated by bots.

How much will it cost you?

The audit expense depends on amount of time we need to spend on its performance. Taking in account the present state of the advertising campaign, each audit is priced individually.

How long will it take?

We usually complete documentation within a few working days; besides, we accept last minute orders as well. Post audit, we also extend concrete support for its implementation and keep in check the accurateness of the solutions implemented by the client.

Being a Google ads certified partner agency, we provide Google Ads practices tailored to the account requirements of the client.

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