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Review Management Services
Review Management Services

Online Reviews are As Good as Word of Mouth

Gone are the days of word of mouth. In a digital space, where competition and marketplace both have an extended reach, online reviews work wonder. More than 90% of your potential consumers trust online reviews in a way they used to do “word of mouth” years back. Which means, the success of your brand depends more on the online reviews that you get from the strangers instead of the personal recommendations.

What’s in an online review?

People don’t just skim read through online reviews. Rather, they get through every detail that help them shape up their impression about a brand. Listening to the reviews of a stranger means your consumer are trying to form an impression based on the reality. Thus, a negative review about a brand make consumers doubt the integrity & reliability of a product or brand.

It pretty much explains why a brand needs a professional review management service above everything.

70% of people say negative reviews discouraged people from doing business with a company

90% of people simply ignore reviews that are more than a month old

98% companies prefer to do business with a company having good reviews

Manage Reviews like Never Before: The Ingold Strategy

  • Optimize your existing review pages to increase the visibility of positive reviews
  •  Strategic Approach to generate more positive reviews
  • Continuously manage and monitor the review strategy to generate a positive impact.

Encouraging Positive Reviews Doesn’t mean Deleting the Negative Ones

Our approach is to address the key reason behind the negative reviews. This is why we do not delete them. Instead, we can continuously focus on improving the brand value through effective marketing campaigns that will enhance your future reviews from other customers.

Our team of trained experts take special care to discover every review channel that fetch the best of positive reviews impacting your business. It can be through reaching out to the current customers and requesting them for feedback that can be posted online, as well as generating original and innovative positive content on your social channels & company’s website.

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, we try to identify and prevent them from being posted and circulate online. Over time, with professional review management, your business starts gaining reputation, which in turn drive more revenue via an increased customer base.

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