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Multilingual SEO
Multilingual SEO

Get your brand noticed globally with Ingold

If your business has a multi-national presence and you sell your products and services across countries, your search visibility is going to be a crucial factor in your business’s success. Our international strategies are tailor-made to meet the unique commercial goals of your business. Driven by experienced professionals, and powered by the latest SEO techniques, our search optimization services are designed to boost your visibility and search rankings for your targeted countries.

Understanding Global Search

If your website is written specifically for the native market, your website content will lose relevance for the international market. Without profound regional targeting, your website will not be able to rank high in the international search.

Like our other SEO services, the international SEO service involves showing Google the relevance and value of your website vis a vis your competitors. This implies giving signals Google needs to recognize your website as the one which targets the searcher’s country.

Although Google retains the majority of the search market share globally, it isn’t the only search engine to be considered in international SEO. In fact, in some countries, other search engines hold more value than Google. While formulating strategies, we consider all these factors and advise where it is best to apply your efforts.

Your International SEO Strategy

Setting an international strategy for your business is a crucial element of our international SEO services. Our team will work closely with you to have a detailed understanding of your business needs and goals and create a strategy that will help you to achieve those goals.

Your international SEO strategy will include:


We will create a strategy in a way that your international content will blend seamlessly with your existing website structure.


In certain regions, Google is not the most widely used search engine. So, depending on which region you seek to target, with our preliminary research we will help you to identify opportunities for expansion and search engine considerations that come along with it.


Our team will ensure that your website’s content is formatted in a way that it appeals to a global audience.


We will analyze the market both in terms of local competition and who else is exporting the products or services in your niche. For you, our experts will dive deep to find out what your industry and market look like in your region.


We will improve and maintain your website’s international rankings through an ideal international SEO setup and combat limitations in any site early on.


We will build your brand awareness on an international level and improve the perceived authority of your website with off-page promotion.

Our approach to International SEO

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable technical content, and link acquisition specialists have in-depth knowledge of what works well in international markets -- both English-speaking as well as non-English speaking. With English-speaking markets specifically leading the way in terms of search marketing, you can rest assured that your international SEO strategy is in safe and reliable hands. 

Our international SEO team has the wealth of experience in domain launches, organizational restructuring, market-entry, and challenges that might come your way while attempting to rank highly in varied markets. We will assign you an account manager who would not only identify a bespoke strategy for your specified SEO goals but also advise you on the competitiveness of the SERPs in each market. Our in-house specialists work alongside an array of native SEO and translation partners to manage the relationships with our clients.

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