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Reputation Recovery Services

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Reputation Recovery Services
Reputation Recovery Services

Leverage our Online reputation recovery service to help you tackle Negative Google Results for your Business

A recent research report revealed that 70% of complaining customers are likely to purchase from a brand, which has a proven history of resolving a complaint in customers' favour.

This is where lies the importance of putting efforts in repairing your brand image, recovering your damaged online reputation and gain your customers’ trust once again.

Online reputation recovery service not only involves a damage-repairing process online, but also includes tactical steps to reduce your vulnerability to reputation damage. All these activities culminate into positive brand sentiment.

However, recovering a tarnished brand image is a costly, time-consuming process. Ingold Solutions has proven expertise in helping you recover your reputation while running simultaneous initiatives to keep your brand shielded from the effects of negative Google results. Our team works round the clock to keep your branded searches clean and positive so that you can focus on other core aspects of your business.

How does it work?

Recovering brand reputation involves suppressing negative content. However, it is impossible to permanently eliminate all the links, posts, reviews and so on containing negative or libellous statements from the web.

At Ingold Solutions, we use proven strategies to reclaim your image. Our primary strategy involves inundating the web with targeted, positive story-telling content.

Now sending negative Google results downwards on the rank page does take a long time and a lot of effort. Unlike many other firms, we do not commit to a specific timeframe, as we know from our experience that suppressing negative Google results depends on the extent of damage. However, our goal-oriented ORM strategies are designed to deliver results after sixth months from the initiation of the programme. For more critical cases, you have to wait up to 24 months to see definitive results.

Our reputation recovery program generally involves the following four steps:

  • Drawing out a strategy tuned to the nature of the business
  • Identifying the platforms where the negative noise mostly originate
  • Creating content to convey positive brand stories and share them across the platforms. This step involves using all forms of content, with reviews, social media posts and videos being the most critical among them
  • Repeat the entire process with updated or fresh content

Know what? The best ORM practice is the one that acts even before a negative comment or review is posted. In case of complaints, grievances, or angry reactions, the most effective ORM tactics should be responding right away. At Ingold solutions, our team of ORM experts can help you create an online reputation recovery strategy based on research and analysis. Be proactive your online reputation; get in touch with our team today.

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