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Track and Collect Precise Marketing Data with Google Tag Manager

Most businesses end up taking bad marketing decisions due to incorrect implementation of analytics and misinterpreted data. This is where Google Tag Manager comes into play. At Ingold Solutions, we have professionals who are certified in Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and Data Studio who help you to track and accumulate accurate marketing data and thereby make informed business decisions.

Some of the benefits of implementing Google Analytics based on Google Task Manager are:

Time Saving

Google Task Manager enables you to analyse valuable data. It allows you to take the required steps to optimise your landing pages and campaigns.

Specific Actions

By implementing analytics, you get a detailed knowledge of which keywords to use for generating sales. It also provides you with an effective marketing list.

Conversion Characteristics

It allows you to estimate how a particular advertisement, a specific keyword, and the overall campaign are influencing the entire sales process. This further gives you a better understanding of how to manage the budget and spent it most optimally.

Google Tag Manager service costs:

We charge a one-time cost depending on the number of event tracking and account set-up on Google Task Manager. Our costs:



500 € + VAT (One Time Cost)


700 € + VAT (One Time Cost)


900 € + VAT (One Time Cost)

Time Line 30 Days 45 Days 60 Days
Tag Manager Account Set UP      
Event Tracking 7 Custom Website Button Event Tracking 10 Custom Website Button Event Tracking 20 Custom Website Button Event Tracking

Why Google Tag Manager?

Complete implementation of analytics with Google Tag Manager (GTM) can benefit your business in several ways:

Independence from programmers

GTM empowers you to perform activities such as events, tags without the help of the IT department.

Tracking more orders

GTM allows you to track more orders with tags and codes.

Easy diagnosis of errors

GTM operation enables you to identify and repair errors in a much convenient way.

Better Speed

GTM helps you to implement tags and changes much faster as compared to regular configurations.

Lower Costs

Thanks to GTM, you get faster implementations with lower involvement of programmers.

Why Should You Choose Ingold Solutions?

At Ingold, we have a team of specialists who are certified in Google Tag Manager. Therefore, with us, you get the service from Google experts who have a complete understanding of the tool.

We conduct Google Analytics and GTM training for large brands. We keep ourselves up to date with any changes introduced in Google Analytics and GTM so that we can keep you informed regarding any updates worth your attention. To know more about our Google Tag Manager solutions, contact us now!

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