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SEO migration services
SEO migration services

Retain And Grow Your Website Traffic With SEO Migration Services

If you are in the middle of moving your business website to a new domain or transferring content to a new CMS then you may lose all the previous site history including your organic rankings, leads and other insights. An investment in the SEO migration plan can help you to avoid this Loss.

At Ingold Solutions, our SEO Migration service can help you to quickly and successfully migrate to your new site with permanent redirects, enabling Google to crawl your website and retain all historical ranking and site authority.

What Do You Get from Our Site Migration Services?

To cover all the significant aspects of migration, we create an exhaustive site migration checklist, which forms the backbone of our services. Different sites bring about different challenges; we adapt the checklist in a way that fits your requirements appropriately. The entire process is broadly divided into four parts:

Kick-Off and Discovery

We prefer being involved in the process from the very first step. Our team will fix up a discovery meeting with you to establish the objectives of the process. Post that, we will introduce you to our comprehensive migration checklist to make sure that all of us are on the same page.

Implementation And Review

Migration projects carry the risk of facing technical issues some of which may arise post-launch. During the monitoring phase, we focus on improving the website and pinpointing long-term opportunities.


In the planning phase, we interact with your staging site to ensure that it is built right from an SEO perspective. At this stage, improvement suggestions are provided for on-page optimisation, site structure, and redirect mapping.

Monitoring and Reporting

Post-launch, we also perform intensive reviewing and monitoring of your site. This process starts as soon as we start getting data. The time can vary between a few weeks to a month.

Our SEO site migration services include:

Site migration is an important step in growing the online presence of a business. However, they come with certain risks.

Ingold Solutions’ site migration SEO service is designed to conserve your organic traffic as much as possible in the short term and set you up for long-term growth. We provide both on-site migrations as a one-off project as well as long-term retainers. Being long-term partners, we will keep a close eye on the progress and provide you with future recommendations based on a more profound dataset. However, we are happy to work in the timeframe that is best suited for your business.

What type of Site Migrations do we work with?

Our site migrations SEO process is appropriate for any project that involves making changes in the structure of an existing website to an extent where it requires a staging site. The process may include anything, from restructuring a few subfolders to building a completely new website.

Reporting And post-launch performance
Following a site migration, it is natural for your ranking to fluctuate for a few weeks

Our team of experts designs the migration process in a way that alleviates all the negative effects. However, some changes are unpreventable during the phase when Google crawls and indexes your new pages. It can take a minimum of three months for everything to get back to its normal shape post a big site migration. Hence, it is very critical to involve a performance report during this fluctuation phase, at least for a month after the changes are done.

Before the site migration begins, we start tracking a list of keywords crucial for your business so that we can monitor the daily rankings following the launch. Our reports also incorporate data from Search Console and Google Analytics to provide you with a complete picture of the migration’s effects over time.

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