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Bing Ads for eCommerce

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Bing Ads for eCommerce
Bing Ads for eCommerce

Bing Ads for eCommerce: Why is it important?

Just like Google Shopping Ads, Bing ads comprises of Product Ads on Bing’s Search Network. Here advertisers can showcase their products and prices with high-quality images as opposed to regular text ads. At Ingold Solutions, our experts provide Bing Ads solutions that generate maximum results.

Benefits of Shopping Campaigns and Product Ads:

If you are wondering what Bing Ads is all about, below are a few benefits that Shopping, and Product Campaigns can provide to your business:

  • Higher volumes of traffic- When it comes to shopping-related searches, advertisers with shopping/ product ads have a much higher Click Through Rate (CTR) as compared to text ads.
  • Better quality of traffic- As campaign ads display the real product image, the shoppers are most likely to choose the product that appeals to them the most, leaving out the products they do not want.
  • Easy Campaign Management- As there are no keywords involved when a consumer searches for a relevant product, shopping campaigns utilize the products specified in your Merchant Center Data Feed to show it to them. Bing interface allows you to browse through your product inventory and create product groups accordingly.
  • More ad presence- If relevant, it is possible that more than a single product of an advertiser may be shown in a shopping ad at a given point of time. This also includes text ads.

Why should you choose Bing ads?

Let us first consider why you should join a shopping campaign for your e-commerce marketing?

As per Statista, it was estimated that in 2018, 1.70 billion people worldwide bought goods online, which amounted to almost 2.8 billion dollars in eCommerce sales globally. The forecasted eCommerce sales value for 2021 is estimated at a whopping 4.8 billion US Dollars.

Irrespective of whether shoppers are inclined to purchase online because of competitive prices or sheer convenience, there is no doubt that buying goods or services online is a common practice throughout the world. The purchase decisions of the shoppers can further be influenced by other resources such as online reviews as well as e-mail marketing. Our experts at Ingold are well versed in all these marketing practices.

There is no denying that the forecast of digital buyers for the next few years will rise as more and more retailers board the eCommerce train. Our paid search professionals at Ingold Solutions have the expertise to help you to create a strong online presence and take advantage of the booming eCommerce industry.

Below are some important eCommerce stats that reflect its value:

  • Almost 67% of the millennial population prefer to shop online rather than in physical stores
  • Almost 24% of shoppers are ready to spend more to qualify for free shipping
  • 57% of online shoppers have shopped online from overseas retailers in the past six months.
  • 54% of buyers purchase retargeted products if offered at a discounted price.

The above statistics are enough to confirm that shoppers are keen on online shopping rather than physical stores.

Does Bing Ads Matter when you have Google Ads?

When it comes to Bing Ads, the question that most of the businesses face is why should they invest money on a search network that doesn’t even hold the majority of the search engine market share?

The answer to this is quite simple, even though Bing may not capture the majority of the search engine market share, it still holds almost 17% of it. Even this number is big enough not to be missed out on. It is that significant chunk of the market that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

As per the demographics, Bing users consists of both male and female of an older age group with good educational background and spending habits. Now, it's worth targeting this audience group for your eCommerce ads.

As the number of people who use Bing is way less than Google, the competition that you need to deal with also minimizes. Less competition means lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs). In fact, Bing often brings about a higher ROI than that of Google.

As you can already gather that Bing helps your business reach millions of unique searches. So, if you run an eCommerce business and have not opted for Bing ads yet, it’s high time that you should!

Our certified experts at Ingold Solutions will design a results-driven strategy that will help you to get noticed by the right audiences. We will plan, manage, and execute your Bing ads campaign to fulfill your marketing goals.

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