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Case Studies Content Services
Case Studies Content Services

Seal Deals with Customer Case Studies

Nothing can better express the value of your products or the authenticity of your brand than the outcomes of successful projects. Case studies help you to tell you stories about your most successful projects.

Top-notch Case Studies for Multiple Verticals

Case studies are designed to tell your audience how your products/ services contributed to the value creation for your clients. At Ingold Solutions, our content writing team can produce detailed and superior case study content to position your brand as trusted, reliable and authentic. Our team of content specialists has the expertise to ask the right questions to your customers and get the most insightful information from them.

Your hot leads are eager to know about your previous customers’ experience that your previous clients had with your service. We help you to produce these highly efficient case studies, which you can hand over to those leads to seal the deal.

No legwork involved

With us, all you need to do is just make a simple e-mail introduction. The rest will be taken care of by our team. From scheduling interviews with your esteemed customers to recording and producing audio/ video interviews, composing quality case-study articles, highlighting the best quotes, to presenting and publishing them. We’ll get it all done for you in the right way.

Case studies as a growth lifter

A high-quality case study can be used to grow your business. Here are a few ways how:

Bottom-of-funnel content

Case studies are one of the perfect instruments for converting customers who are at the bottom of your funnel. These are the customers who have already discovered your services and are considering whether or not they should hire you. These warm leads are eager to know the experience your previous customers had with you. So, providing them with case studies would confirm their chances of choosing you.

Drive more referral business

Case studies allow you to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Successful customers love to talk about how smart they are for choosing to work with you and how it was the right decision for them. By probing them to go a step further and recommend your services to others will add to the reliability of your service.

Drive conversions with social proof

We will incorporate the best customer testimonial quotes captured from your band’s social media handles into our case studies. These quotes can go a long way to drive more conversions.

How do we work?

Customer Interviews

We will interview your customers and ensure they open up and share valuable insights on the benefits of your services. Our content specialists will design questions in a way that they get the best story out of your customers. We will take care of the interview process from the start to finish-

  • Customer interview scheduling
  • Pre-interview research
  • Question & story planning
  • Interview recording
  • Follow up with the customer after publishing
Writing and Production

Our team of content writing professionals has the expertise to convert the entire interview into high-quality case study content. In addition, we also produce and edit audio/ video versions of the customer interview and further optimize the content for distribution.

Our team will also gather the key quotes from the testimonials which you can use social proof on your website, social media networks, and other platforms.

Our case studies content production process include:

  • Original written case study articles
  • Email newsletter that promotes the case study
  • Social media posts to distribute the case study
  • Testimonial quotes
Presentation and Publishing

Our team of experts will bundle your case studies content into a well-designed PDF, that can be offered as a downloadable content on your website or passed on to your warmest leads.

If you want, we can also set up, schedule, and publish your case study articles on your blog. We will also include email newsletter messages and social media posts for each case study which will be distributed among your audiences.

Our case study presentation and publishing process includes:

  • Case Studies PDF pack
  • Case Study Blog Articles
  • Email Newsletter Scheduling
  • Social Media Scheduling

With Ingold Solutions, you can expect remarkable case study content services at affordable rates. For more information, contact us today!

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