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Online Reputation Management Services
Online Reputation Management Services

Leverage Our ORM Services to Enhance Your Brand's Digital Presence and Search Profile

According to a recent research report, negative reviews can turn 60% of consumers against a business!

The numbers may sound intriguing but with carefully crafted Online Reputation Management (ORM) services in place, it's possible to build an online identity that represents reliability, authenticity, and trustworthiness. Since, three out of four consumers trust a company with a positive brand image, investing in an ORM programme is absolutely worth it.  Let us tell you what ORM is all about, why it matters and how to use various ORM services to your advantage.

What is ORM?

In this digital era, brand image can make or break any business. Effective management of public image can be a critical success factor for all types and sizes of businesses. Especially for the SMEs that are new in the market, it's crucial to maintain a positive image all the time. Having a great online reputation can be an excellent way for these organizations to connect with their existing customers as well as prospects.

To put it simply, online reputation management is a branch of online marketing, which is geared toward monitoring and identifying a brands' digital reputation.

ORM services include three primary types of exercises:


what is said about your company


positioning your brand as a trusted entity


responding to and managing negative reviews

An ORM plan for an organization should combine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and public relations strategies to promote and protect its image within a digital ecosystem.  

Why Does ORM Matter?

Picture this: You are proud of the product or service you offer to your customers. You are most sincere about offering any after-sales support to your customers. You work relentlessly to drive innovations to meet your customers' changing needs.

But even with your best efforts at catering to your customers' needs, your reputation has taken a hit most unexpectedly.

This is how this might have happened:

A negative post appears on one of the review websites and it reaches hundreds and thousands of people within an hour or even less. Or an unfriendly media story goes viral in no time.

This is where our online reputation management services can help you

When you invest in an ORM program, it becomes your eyes and ears on the web, constantly keeping a tab on what your customers are saying about your brand, helping you keep the negative noise at the minimum and keeping your online presence as positive as possible.

In the age of Internet, news circulate at the lightning speed and people's perception can change faster than your imagination. ORM services will help you to spot any unfriendly conversations at the earliest and respond fast before people start perceiving your brand in a negative light.

In this digital world everything that you and your brand do at the moment is under the scanner and matters the most. What had been said or done five years ago is of little relevance for customers who are researching your brand right now. In other words, how people perceive your brand is far more important for your business’ success than how they did in the past. ORM services ensure that only positive words about your brand prevail.

Our ORM Services

At Ingold Solutions, we provide personal and corporate reputation management services.

The entire gamut of ORM services is geared toward helping you influence how your personal or business brand is seen online.

Our strategy involves pushing down negative search results, promoting positive stories to appear on the search results, and working on your online profiles to improve your search profile from the ground up.

WE help in cleaning up damaging Google results including images and videos, negative press coverage, complaints, and native reviews.

Our ORM team monitors our clients on an hourly basis. This constant tracking helps our clients to respond to customer grievances, address criticism, and acknowledge mistakes and compensate at the earliest. All these positive responses contribute to your brand’s reputation building and avoid the potential loss of sales and new business leads.

We offer ORM Services under following categories:

  • Online brand-mention monitoring
  • Reputation Recovery Services
  • Reputation Build Services
  • Review Management Services
  • Brand storytelling
  • Digital PR

Majority of the C-suit executives acknowledge the importance of hiring an agency for managing online reputation. Many companies fail to take it further despite realizing ORM’s benefits. The rest does not risk it and ensures that their digital marketing strategy incorporates ORM component.

We’re sure you would like to join the first group.

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