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Google Ads for eCommerce

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Google Ads for eCommerce
Google Ads for eCommerce

Grow Your eCommerce Business with Google Ads

At Ingold Solutions - a Google Certified Agency - we run Google campaigns for direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands.

The way of setting up Google ads for eCommerce is not the same as it is for B2B websites or local retailers that want to generate good leads. At Ingold Solutions, we help our clients to achieve their ultimate business goal which is profitability.

When it comes to search, our experts focus their attention on Google Shopping and the product data feeds that drive it. Along with this, we also cater to other paid-search placements such as Google Search Ads (AdWords), search remarketing, display ads, and YouTube Ads.

Why Our Clients Trust Us?

At Ingold solutions, our main goal is to help our clients grow. That is why we never repeat the mistakes committed by other digital marketing agencies. For example, we never do the following: 

Spend less on Google Shopping

Almost two-thirds of all paid clicks on Google directly go to Google Shopping Ads also known as PLAs or Product Listing Ads.

Unlike, some agencies we do not commit the blunder of underspending on a prime and high-intent ad space such as this. Spending at least 60% of your budget on a shopping campaign can help you unleash the power of Goggle Shopping as a new customer engine. These ads allow you to display product titles and descriptions, their category, image, and even reviews.

Spend a huge amount on Branded Search ads

Branded Search ads are crucial for an overall SEM strategy. However, overspending on these can help you show results that appear great on agency reports, but terrible when it comes to your P&L accounts. If you are currently spending more than 10% on Branded Search, talk to us. Our certified experts can help you to dramatically improve the efficiency of your account.

Advertising on Google Search -- How We Get You Results

New Account Setup or Extended Audit

Each of our projects begins with an extended audit where we examine everything- targeted search queries, keyword research, campaign types, bidding strategy, negative keywords, and more.

Dedicated Search Marketing Buyer

We provide our clients with a dedicated Google Ads buyer whose key responsibility is to plan and execute their buying strategy. Together, we set KPIs, tailor-made to fulfill their eCommerce business’ larger goals.

Shopping Feed Management

At Ingold solutions, our team consists of seasoned Google Shopping experts that dive deep into product feed setups, shopping campaigns, optimisations within Shopify or your eCommerce platform, Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center Accounts.

Google Ads and Google Analytics Setup

When you connect Google Ads with Google Analytics, you ensure that your audiences are united for retargeting in the right way, especially across Signals, Google’s newest version of cross-device remarketing.

Performance Reviews and Custom Reporting

Besides creating a link for client-side reporting, for weekly reviews, we also build a dashboard on the most important metrics such as conversion value, click-through rates (CTR), and return on ad spends for your specific products as well as your account at large. We meet our clients once every month to explore our performance and discuss industry-wide eCommerce trends.

Being a Google-certified agency, we provide you with quality services with the application of the latest technology. So, if you want your eCommerce website to flourish, contact us today!

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