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Link Building

Build Sustainable Links to Improve your Site’s Authority!

Links constitute a key part of a well-rounded SEO strategy. A profile with an optimized link significantly enhances a website’s potentials to rank in organic search. At Ingold Solutions, we have a team of SEO professionals who have distinctive expertise in analyzing the backlink of your website and finding creative ways to build high-quality links with safety.

Despite the increasing emphasis on technical factors affecting site performance and an increased focus on the quality of on-site content, links are still a core element that contributes to SEO success. When any website chooses to link to your website, Google gets an indication that your website has got valuable resources that users should see.

The higher the quality of the link, the greater is the vote of confidence for your site. An optimized link profile usually drives long-term organic growth and supports the overall SEO goals of your campaign. However, over time several black hat practices have emerged that attempt to brute-force Google’s algorithms. This may result in short-term success but in the long run, it will cause irreparable damage to your website. At Ingold Solutions, our link-building ethos concentrates on incorporating solely the safest techniques to build your link profile in a sustainable and Google-friendly manner.

Link Building Services by Ingold Solutions

Our Link building services range from essential services such as competitor analysis to backlink auditing and more.


Our Link audits service helps to evaluate the health of the backlinks that already exist in your site, looks for opportunities to grow in a way that is sustainable, and identifies potentially harmful links that should be repudiated.


It is one of the most crucial steps we take to enhance your site’s backlink profile. This exercise helps to create a more structured SEO strategy and improve rankings in the correct places.


Besides conducting larger campaigns, our team of specialists constantly look for opportunities to provide information and comments from our clients to the journalists.


Disavow files are essential to protect your site against spammy backlinks. Our certified team of experts will review and maintain your disavow files on a regular basis to keep them up to date.


To ensure a healthy link profile, it is crucial to understand the health of your backlinks overall. Naturally, all websites receive links over time, although not all the links are equal. A poor-quality link profile can lead to a loss of organic visibility, limiting the success of future link-building efforts. Some signals of a low-quality profile are:

  • A poor ratio of links and linking domains
  • Links from sources that are low-quality or ill-reputed
  • Poor anchor text optimization

At Ingold Solutions, we help our esteemed clients to identify the challenges that their link profiles might be facing. Our experts strategize how to move ahead in a positive direction to eliminate future issues and ensure that your link profile remain Google-friendly for a longer period.

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