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Digital PR is a highly effective brand awareness tool that gets your business noticed in front of your potential customers while they are browsing the web. It is a link-building strategy that involves interacting with the press. Digital PR services help brands to obtain backlinks to their website. This is done by creating and placing newsworthy content in relevant publications within the news sphere.

If creative digital PR campaigns that achieve measurable results excite you, we can be the agency you are looking for. Get in touch with our digital PR specialists to know more.

Digital PR Services Offered by Us:

We design your digital PR campaign depending on the end goals you want to achieve. Based on what stories you want to share, the types of websites you wish to be featured on, and the audience you are trying to target, we will create a strategy that sits right with your business goals.

Creative Campaigns

To attain multiple links, cover national and local B2C and B2B publications, and increase your brand awareness, our team of experts will invest time to focus on the areas of your business from which we can generate stories to share with the news publications.


We will monitor requests from journalists and follow the news to identify opportunities for you. Our PR specialists will place comments in appropriate places and build large-scale content as per the current press aspect.

Trade and Local PR

With experience across multiple sectors, we will help you get your stories out through websites and publications that are trade-specific.

Digital PR Campaigns: What to expect from us

A classic Ingold Solutions’ digital PR campaign comprises:


Our experts apply a range of techniques to get the creative juices flowing for your campaign. We ensure that all the ideas are cohesive with the key essence of your brand. From here it is all about assessing the feasibility of the plan and comparing it against factors such as ‘Does the idea fits your brand voice?’ ‘Is the idea newsworthy?’ etc. Once the creative ideas are collated, compared and approved, we go ahead with it.


At Ingold, our experts create digital marketing campaigns after a deep understanding of your brand and target audience. After analyzing what you want to convey through your digital channels, we design the campaign strategy and pave the way. We make sure that the set goals are aligned with your agenda. Our team will formulate a strategy that fulfills your digital needs and create content that generates mass appeal and coverage.


We have contacts in unalike niche websites, online publications, and high authority places such as national newspapers and other trade publications. This proves that we have a solid base of contacts to promote your brand on relevant platforms. Our team will work with you to create a list of target publications and maintain the alliance with media.


In the outreach phase, we promote your tale to the target media. Depending on the intent of the campaign, we will either employ a press release or other relevant medium to reach your appropriate audience.


To achieve our client’s business goals, we use a wide range of PR tactics and ensure measurable and tangible outcomes.


We not only build links for our clients but also create enthralling content that positions their brand before their target group emphatically.


Digital PR is one of the most notable and crucial form of online marketing. Its benefits encompass both, the general goal of brand awareness and the tangible goals related to domain authority and search rankings.

At Ingold Solutions, we believe that an effective digital PR strategy is an integral part in creating a brand’s identity. Our digital PR specialists work with our SEO team to understand your online business goals and work in accordance to fulfill them.

While traditional SEO link-building focuses on getting links to a page, digital PR is all about gathering knowledge on the products and services that you want to promote. It also involves sublimating the core messages surrounding your brand and communicating them in the platforms where your audiences are already active online. This generates more links to your website which ultimately leads to overall SEO success.

At Ingold Solutions, our digital PR experts apply their valuable knowledge and several tactics to achieve the digital goals of our clients. We celebrate both the outcome and output to make your investment count!

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