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eBooks & White Papers

Establish Thought Leadership with White Paper and eBook writing Services by Ingold Solutions

eBooks and whitepapers cover specific topics or industries exhaustively. These materials incorporate research, in-depth analysis and unique perspectives that create value for your prospects by providing solutions to their problems and educating them about your industry.

The content of your white papers and eBooks should not sound like a brochure or try to sell your products or services. It should be built with an aim to gain the trust of your prospects so that when the time is right, they are compelled to choose you.

You can use these materials as gated content assets on your website. They are designed to help you capture information from your interested prospects in form of their name, email address, industries and so on.

After you have their information, you can send them emails to nurture them with more content. With this process, you will have better insight into their sales lead quality. When you find the prospect is ready, your sales team can personally follow up with them.

What is the difference between white papers and e-Books?

e-Books provide a broad overview of a topic whereas white papers provide information on a specific area of that topic. eBooks are generally descriptive whereas, white papers are more detail oriented with in-depth analysis and predictions supported with diagrams and data.

Depending on your business needs, you can either choose to produce both white papers and eBooks, or just one of the two.

Benefits of white papers and eBooks:

When compared to other content types, white papers and eBooks are more likely to drive prospects towards a purchasing decision. Reports suggest white papers and eBooks are among the leading content that is used to influence B2B buying decisions.

At Ingold Solutions, our content writing team is adept at creating high-quality white papers and eBooks. Then it will be shared amongst people to raise your brand’s awareness. These contents also help you to build a mailing list consisting of qualified leads, as they need to submit their email addresses in return for this restricted content.

Why is it important to choose the right partner?

White papers and eBooks are both time-consuming as well as tricky to research and compose. Hence, choosing the right partner is extremely crucial in this case.

At Ingold Solutions, our content writing team boasts experts in composing and designing quality content. Our team will start with a brainstorming session with you, then research, compose, edit, and design gated content pieces for your website. By transforming complex information into an engaging narrative, we will ensure that your readers can grasp the content straightaway.

If you want to produce a white paper or an eBook but do not have a fair idea of what topics to pursue, we can help. Our team of content specialists will carry out keyword research, conduct surveys, and use other content strategy methods to find out what your potential customers are interested to read about.

If you already have an existing piece, we can edit the content for you or help you in finding ways to get it in front of a wider audience. Or if you do not have any content ready, we can create it from scratch. To get an in-depth understanding of our services get in touch today.

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