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Why Facebook Marketing

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Why Facebook Marketing
Why Facebook Marketing

For The Millions Watching You, Choose Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms among businesses that wish to flourish online. As a HubSpot-certified social media marketing agency, Ingold Solutions has the required skills and expertise to help companies get excellent results from the marketing and advertising on Facebook. With our result-driven Facebook marketing campaigns, we help you achieve a better return on investment by developing, managing, and optimizing your advertising and marketing strategy.


Get All That You Need with Our Goal-oriented Facebook Marketing Strategy

If your goal is to maximize the outcomes of your Facebook marketing campaigns, hiring an experienced social media marketing agency like Ingold Solutions is one of the best ways to attain that.

Our Facebook marketing and advertising services include:

  • Strategies custom designed as per your business goals and needs.
  • Boosted and organic posts that increase your profile reach.
  • Dedicated social media account manager.
  • Exhaustive monthly reporting and analysis.
  • Facebook audit and competitor analysis.
  • Design and optimization cover and profile photo.
  • Optimized ad campaigns. 
  • Ad creatives, including copy, images, and graphics.
  • Monthly social media consultations.

Why Use Facebook Marketing?

With the availability of multiple marketing platforms, it can be both confusing and difficult to decide with the platform is best suitable for your business, so what makes Facebook the most lucrative platform among all?

  • Facebook has almost 3 billion active users which give you a huge potential audience.
  • Position your ads to your target demography
  • Because of the interactive nature of the ads, Facebook imparts itself to successful advertising campaigns.
  • It helps you to expand your audience and increase the number of followers.

With the right targeting, you can translate your followers to become your potential future customers.

Increase Your Social Worth with Ingold Solutions as Your Facebook Marketing Agency

Ingold Solutions is a HubSpot certified social media marketing agency trusted by leading enterprises for their Facebook marketing and advertising responsibilities for a few reasons:

We are a full-service Facebook marketing company

As a full-service Facebook marketing company, Ingold Solutions offers you everything you need under one umbrella. Our team of social media marketers, graphic designers, web designers, and copywriters are HubSpot certified experts who make it possible for you to market and advertise on Facebook seamlessly and with ease.

We deliver profound results

We measure our success by the success of our clients. With our services, we have helped our esteemed clients to earn more leads, transactions, and business returns. These results have positively impacted their businesses and helped in their overall growth.

Our clients believe in us

Our dedication, expertise, and project outcomes enable us to maintain an unmatched client satisfaction rate. Compared to other companies, we have a higher client satisfaction rate which automatically contributes to our client retention rate.

We give you access to advanced marketing technology

Technology is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. With the help of the right marketing technology, you can get an in-depth insight into your target audience and gain a deep understanding of your customers. It also enables you to spot patterns, which can be implemented into your social media advertising and marketing strategies.

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