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Server Support

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors, Hire A Server Management Company

It is essential to properly manage your servers irrespective of whether you are new to web hosting or have been in business for years. To do this without breaking the bank, it is crucial to hire IT outsourcing solution for server management.

IT experts at Ingold Solutions offer server management services to help companies get the most from today’s fast-paced technology world. We deliver qualitative server administration services which has the lowest response time at competitive pricing models. Our certified and experienced system administrators ensure clients get fully white-labeled server support. We deliver you with a stable and reliable operation from a single server to complex cluster systems.

Web Server Support

  • We have expertise in both Linux / Windows web server support.
  • Web Server (IIS 6/ IIS 7/ IIS 8), (Apache, Nginx, tomcat) configuration, administration, and troubleshooting.
  • Managing Users and Groups.
  • PHP, .PL, CF .Net, installation and configuration.
  • Control panel software installation.
  • OS and security patch upgrades.
  • Metabase and Apache config tweaking.
  • Load Balancer and Failover configuration.

Advantages of Outsourcing Server Management Services are-

Focus More on Core Competencies

When you outsource your server management needs, you are assured that your server is in safe hands. This way you can focus on more important aspects of your business without wasting your time. Our expert team will cater to all your migration, monitoring, security, and custom installation services requirements.

Your Server in Expert Hands

Server management companies provides top-notch support service which saves both your time and money. Our experienced staffs will help you in finding profound solutions to all your problems.

Minimum Server Downtime

Server downtime can cost organizations a lump sum of money annually. Additionally, server downtime can havoc the SEO visibility of a website. With our experienced server management team take care of your servers.

Effectively deals with hackers

Nowadays, hackers are an undeniable risk. Each day as new advances touch base on the scene, hackers get plenty of chances to abuse vulnerabilities. Hence, server security must be high priority for any organization. With convenient updates, we will help fix countless vulnerabilities. With a team critically observing your server, the odds of a hacker invading your server is next to zero.

Technical advantage over competitor

As support specialist teams usually have a large clientele to deal with, they stay on top of the latest technology updates. This empowers you with a technical advantage over competitors that have in-house team who are usually not as capable. Our server management team offers you with their expert knowledge based on market trends to improve your business returns.

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