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Server Migration

Seamless Server Migration Services

When a company decides to migrate, it is usually because of cost reduction initiative, service risk mitigation, regulatory requirement, or unstable environment. All these situations may have aroused due to attack or disaster, a newer server operations strategy or data center environments incapable of hosting modern & complex IT infrastructure. A migration is a highly strategic process that must be implemented without any impact on business operations, Service Level Agreements, performance, and data availability.

Ingold Solutions offers an expert migration team who migrates your servers or infrastructure in real time. They do it with zero data loss and minimal downtime along with a detailed report of migration. You can request a migration with Ingold Solutions at any time. Once we remove the entire data, it is subjected to verification to confirm that it is unharmed and that no parts have become corrupted during the migration process.

Features of Ingold Solutions’ Migration Process
  • Manual Migration
  • Zero Data Loss
  • Real Time Operation
  • Minimal Downtime
Types of Migration Handled by Ingold Solutions
  • Datacenter Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Server to Server Migration
  • Server to Cloud Migration

Why Ingold Solutions Is Your Best Choice?

As infrastructure migration is growing exponentially, more and more enterprises are realising the benefits of cloud migration and are adopting innovative infrastructure models to holistically transform. Ingold Solutions can help you with the best migration strategies, so that you can sail through the challenges that come with, ineffective processes sudden operational demands, and higher operational expenses. We will also assist with your data storage requirements. Our experienced team always ensure that your geographically distributed team gains access to application-related data.

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