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Device Lifecycle Management
Device Lifecycle Management

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To meet the ever-increasing needs of their business, organisations continuously search for new ways to cut down costs and drive higher quality, stability, and availability of their IT service.  

With a complete function-based software products, organisations are most likely to come across multiple challenges pertaining to the implementation of services and an ITIL framework. To do away with this, such companies emerged to help organisations understand and address these challenges. Unfortunately, several projects still fail to determine their goals because of five key challenges:

  • Multiple systems are good to manage the entire device lifecycle.
  • Data integration disputes.
  • Smart workflow management alongside specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Deficiency of monitoring and reporting of managed environment.
  • Devices are highly diversified in heterogeneous IT environments.

Here’s how our IT experts can help solve the challenges organisations encounters during migration at a process-driven lifecycle approach in IT asset and configuration management.

Why enterprises need device life-cycle management?

Speculating the status of mobile devices

Device lifecycle management can help you to oversee, follow, anchor, and support every single mobile device of enterprise. The centralised platform for the mobile device lifecycle management enables devices to be provisioned, overviewed, and working continuously.

Productivity Improvement

Appropriate functioning of wireless devices is crucial for better resource utilisation, as it empowers workers to discover more opportunities and focus on core values of the organization instead of brooding over mobile device functionality.

Service Reliability

We offer post purchase service by regularly maintaining mobile devices specifically required for field service delivery. For any field service enterprise, just the deployment of mobile devices for its field workforce is not enough. Rather, error free devices are key to the overall business success of these organisations.

Recovery, Renewal to Disposition

The post purchase lifecycle management encompasses of recovery, renewal to disposition of devices. This tech-driven integrated device lifecycle management platform builds up and help enterprises to remotely take care and control the mobile devices of field workforce. An effective post purchase solution ensures hassle free lifecycle management of the devices, thus removing complexities of recovery, renewal, and disposition for field workforce.

Working Performance Analysis

Device life-cycle management solutions offer working performance analysis of any specific device throughout its post purchase lifecycle.

How is Ingold Solutions different?

Ingold Solutions uses ITIL best practices integrated with configuration management, asset management, and lifecycle management tools. We offer transparency to all functions involved in the device lifecycle management process, including purchasing, management and maintenance, installation, enrollment, replacement, and disposal of devices.

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