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As an official member of SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem, we have an uninhibited access to a number of critical resources, which further enables us to provide excellent service to our clients & customers. Here, we will be talking about how SAP® PartnerEdge® program can help deliver improved client service at any point of time. As an official member of SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem, Ingold Solutions can access the advantage of the tools and techniques the program offers and become a more efficient and result-driven SAP consultancy.

What is SAP® PartnerEdge®?

According to SAP® PartnerEdge® program, SAP consultancies can easily partner with SAP and utilize their resources within their practices. SAP consultancies can access these resources as engagement models depending on their specific needs.

Crafting industry-specific solutions: It is exclusively intended for the OEMs, application developers and independent software vendors. As an SAP® PartnerEdge® member, any SAP consultancy can access the tools required for crafting better solutions for their clients that would seamlessly integrate with or on top of the rest of the SAP suite.

Sell solutions: The “sell solutions” model is designed for the resellers. It allows them to either own the entire lifecycle or collaborate with SAP and other partners.

Service solutions: SAP Consultancies like Ingold Solutions can efficiently use the “service solutions” model to better optimize their clients’ practices. It also arrives with a whole suite of tactics and methodologies to streamline the implementation process.

Run solutions: “Run solutions” partners are entitled for outsourcing, cloud, and a range of hosting services to the SAP customer base. They can also serve their clientele with subscription-based services as per the requirement. Basically, there is no financial commitment, yet the partners can access an extended portfolio of enablement offerings and beyond that SAP provides. Partners can either work with an SAP distributor or team up with an SAP Master VAR.

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