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Integration Framework for SAP B1

SAP Business One

Integration Framework for SAP B1
Integration Framework for SAP B1

Take Your Business A Step Further, Integrate Framework for SAP Business One® (B1if)

Integration plays a crucial role in a daily business life and has a significant effect on multiple areas of a company, such as business cooperation, integration employees from other countries, connecting business units, and most importantly, the integration of different software systems and components that enhances your company processes in the best possible way.

Ingold Solutions is an official member of SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem, and an ISO-certified agency, that offers seamless Integration Framework for SAP Business One (B1if).

Benefits of the integration framework

The usage of the integration framework has several advantages:


When a scenario is created for data exchange and synchronisation with other systems, it is possible for changes to occur. These new fields can be incorporated into the mapping or deleted if required. Additionally, the changes released by SAP Business One® usually do not have any effect on the already created integration scenarios.


Single scenario can be created to exchange and synchronize data across multiple SAP Business One® company databases. This single scenario can be used for different SAP Business One® release versions as well.
Assuming new fields are available in a new release, the existing scenario can also be updated using these new fields. Despite not having the fields available, the same scenario can still be used for the older release versions.


Another advantage of the integration framework is the capability to reuse the existing components.
If you want to exchange and synchronise data between two databases, there is no need to create a new scenario when adding a new database with identical integration needs. The existing scenario can also be modified or used as a template scenario.

Contact Ingold Solutions, an official member SAP® PartnerEdge®. Our SAP specialists are dedicated to delivering seamless, smart, and responsive support to businesses who wish to integrate SAP Business One (B1if) framework.

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